AGORA is a complete bathroom collection that includes taps and accessories (by Zucchetti) free-standing bathtub and washbasin (by Kos) designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. The lines are extremely elegant and shapes recall classic styles and tastes. Agorà - Zucchetti.Kos The taps combine the appeal of tradition with practical new options. The tub and basins have a sculpted look.

The timeless style of a classic design blends with new-gen materials like Silkstone, characterised by a velvety touch and matt effect. Quality materials, elegant design and attention to details are the features of this collection, which is perfect either for classic rooms or more contemporary interiors. Agorà achieves the perfect equilibrium between past and present. A 'rediscovered’ project, where classic inspiration is brought right up to date with details and materials, tradition followed through in innovation.

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba: "Our inspiration was a project from the thirties. Discovering the old drawings in the Zucchetti archives and reworking them was like learning through study. We have kept the original imprint and added contemporary details. We can always learn from the past especially if it is seen as a starting point for renewal with even greater awareness."