"These are our roots, this is our identity. We draw upon the sound local tradition of cabinet making, travelling back over 500 years through time, to the old carpentry workshop, fed by a watermill, along the banks of the Pianca stream. Building on our history, we start from our workers’ knowledge and skills to look to the future, combining experience and innovation to bring the culture of modern design to the world.
Because we believe that work is a means for growth and improvement. Our wood comes from certified forests, with controlled harvesting against deforestation, and our panels are free from toxic adhesives. We were the first to use water-based glossy lacquers instead of polyurethane varnishes – still an absolute plus for Pianca – both for our employees’ health, and to reduce pollution in the home. Our factories are 60% self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption, thanks to the use of photovoltaic solar panels. Offcuts are used to produce energy to heat kilns, and our packaging systems are 100% recyclable. We have also created a cycle path, in collaboration with the municipal council of Gaiarine, in order to promote respect for our local environment, and we are supporting members of Médecins sans Frontières."

Walk-In Closet